Two friends and I took a group lesson with Club Ed this weekend, and we all had a great time!  Our instructors were Mike, Raphael, and Taylor (and a fourth that joined later whom I did not get the name of).  I am very impressed with all four of them.  They were incredibly patient, professional, and encouraging.  They were also genuinely attentive to each individual in the class, giving everybody tips & skills for conquering standing up on the board.  And even more important, their friendliness made the experience super FUN!

Taylor was *especially* friendly, enthusiastic, and encouraging.  A couple of us were having a hard time getting up on that board, so at one point he offered to surf alongside and help “pull” us up into position onto the board, and after he did so with me, I was able to stand up myself!  He was an exceptional coach, all along the way psyching us up to keep trying. He seemed to truly want everybody to succeed.

Club Ed is definitely fantastic and fun for newbies, and we’ll be signing up for another lesson.