I called Club Ed International Surf School and had the pleasure of chatting with Ed firsthand. He assured me that he was going to blow my mind when we got out there and it was nothing short of one of the best experiences of my vacation in Santa cruz! I took a private lesson with Ed on the first day which I would highly recommend as the one to one tutorial not only gets you engrossed in learning about the basics of surfing and a yoga stretching on the beach before getting out in the water. Cowell’s Beach is a perfect spot for beginners to intermediates and Ed provides you with the instruction, encouragement and enthusiasm to get into the groove and find your sweet spot! I had such an awesome day on day one that I took a semi-private lesson on day two!

I work a very high paced and at times stressful job and hanging out with Ed for two days was the bomb! He is a very gifted teacher and not only do you learn the technical terms of wave formation, riding, and hanging 10, more importantly you are able to feel like you can ride a wave and get hooked easier than one may imagine!

Sure, you could save $10 bucks and go with another surf store in Santa Cruz, but go with someone who has been doing this since he was 12 and is inspiring, funny, and a all around great guy! You won’t be disappointed and he will even take some photo’s for you to take home as lasting memories. Let Ed rock your world and you will not be disappointed. He’s a real gem! Bring along some friends as he can do one to one teaching or is equally effective with a group! He will make sure that everyone can catch a wave and feel the sweet spot! Thanks Ed for all the memories. You won’t be disappointed and you will be amazed at how well you will do with Ed’s teachings and encouragement! You will hear his words of wisdom days later as some of his pearls of wisdom are applicable beyond the surfing world: in the bigger ocean called life!!!

I live near the ocean in Gloucester, MA and now look at the sea differently as I am looking for where the waves are forming and crashing!