Is a Surf School Necessary to Learn Surfing
A lot of people in the US grow up wanting to learn how to surf. Video clips of cool, young people with their boards just riding the waves was what probably convinced them that they should learn how to surf. The lucky ones often have a number of friends who knew how to surf from a local surf school in Santa Cruz that could give them a short (and debilitating) crash course on surfing. In a sense, a lot of people learned how to surf this way. This begs the question, is it really necessary to go to a surf school in Santa Cruz to learn how to surf?

How Important is a Surf School?

How Important is a Surf School in Santa Cruz

The answer to that question really depends on whether you just want to learn how to surf, or if you want to learn how to surf “the right way.” I learned how to surf but I never really surfed the right way. By saying the right way I mean having the correct posture, picking the good waves, and learning all the safety precautions one has to undertake before going out to surf. My father always said that it’s just like driving a car. A lot of people never really took driving lessons from driving schools because they learned from their parents, friends, or relatives but that doesn’t mean other drivers are better than them. Driving school drivers are more technically equipped to drive safely and effectively.

To support my claim, let’s try to realize what a surf school really is and what you can do there. Basically, a surf school is an institution where one can learn how to surf properly and with correct etiquette. They are perfect for beginners who want to learn how to surf safely. For most surf schools, safe surfing is their top priority. Other benefits one can get from a surf school are as follows:

  • You will be taught by experienced surf instructors who know the in and outs of surfing.
  • You will be constantly motivated to learn correctly.
  • You will be provided the necessary equipment to learn how to surf.
  • It’s also a good way to be productive in your down time.
  • You will be taught various tips and tricks on how to be careful when surfing. This includes safe practices and first-aid and/or CPR lessons leading to certification.

Santa Cruz Surf Schools teaches safety

Surf Schools Teach Safety

To a lot of people, enrolling in a surf school in Santa Cruz might seem like too much of a chore but its benefits really give it an edge. Personally, I would want my kids to learn from a surf school as this assures me that after surf school, they know will know how to have fun in a responsible and safe manner. However, this doesn’t mean kids are the only ones welcome is surf schools. As a matter of fact, summer after summer there is an excellent number of young adults enrolling in surf schools to become better surfers. Just words of caution though; make sure you get a legitimate surf school that has had a good history of competence. You wouldn’t really want to learn from people who don’t know what they are talking about. Check your local listings for reviews and comments about the best surf schools in your vicinity. Online feedback should point you to the right direction.