Four reasons why surf lessons in Santa Cruz are a great idea.

4.  Healthy Cuisine. 

Santa Cruz is one of the few towns in the United States that is a beautiful circle of contradictions in that: it is run by the spirit of the locals, a tourist trap, and offers gluten-free options where farm to table is standard, instead of the outlier. Nourish your body before or after a surf lesson in Santa Cruz by having breath takingly delicious vegan or non-vegan fare at The Windmill Cafe.  Daily baked goods such as gluten- free coconut, date, pineapple muffins and homemade vegan, gluten free bread decorate the menu. Menu staples such as curry tofu scrambles and The Willie Smoothie (cacao, hemp, banana, peanut butter) adorn the hands of hungry locals.  Hipsters, hippies and tycoons all love this hidden E.Cliff drive gem. 

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Learn to Surf in Santa Cruz with Club Ed Surf School heads to the Windmill.

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Take surf lessons in Santa Cruz and run into this surf champion.

3.  Pro Surfer Hang Out. 

If you are taking a surf lesson in Santa Cruz chances are great that you will see one of the greats out in the water.  Local surfers, Adam Replogle, Flea, Ed Guzman,  and Pete Mel are often seen throughout 38th Ave, Steamer Lane, and Pleasure Point.  Recent grom turned top ten rank, Nat Young, surfs the point weekly when not found at his home break  at “the lane” (Steamer Lane). Even surf legend, Kelly Slater, has been spotted in our sea beyond just the Cold Water Classic.

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Santa Cruz Surf Lessons by Club Ed Surf School

2.  Waves Everyday.

Consistent waves equals a higher wave count potential.  What does this mean?  In non-surfer terms, this simply means that you have more waves, more often, which will increase your chances of being able to catch a wave.  The more waves you catch, the better you get.  However, this can only happen in places where there are waves you can count on.  “Right now, Cowell’s beach is a great place to learn to surf in Santa Cruz.  We have a sand bar that is extending the wave life and making it perfect for learning just as long as there is a tiny bit of swell in the water”  says Juliano, Master Surf Instructor of Club Ed Surf Schools and Camps in Santa Cruz.    I taught myself how to surf in Venice Beach and have surfed all over the world.  Santa Cruz is impressive. I can ride my bike in any direction and find a spot that is breaking” says, Monica Riehl, business developer for the band Leo Leo.

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1.  Sharks, what sharks?

Learn to Surf Santa Cruz Club Ed Surf School and Camps

There have been a slew of YouTube videos featuring great white sharks in Manhattan Beach just south of Los Angeles.  Huntington Beach’s popular, Sunset Beach, lays claim to several shark sightings, close calls, and attacks.  However, Florida, has been the shark bite capital of the United States several years running.  Recently, two swimmers were bitten in the same day.

Santa Cruz, although home to the beloved Great White shark sticker, has nary a history of surfer vs. shark encounters.  Even the 2014 alleged account of an attack was largely discredited once professionals began investigating the details of the report.  If the big fish in the sea have been keeping you out of open water then a surf lesson-in Santa Cruz is for you.  “ We see otters and sea lions, sure, all of the time.  Dolphins and whales, too.  Presumably we have sharks but the surf lessons in Santa Cruz are usually in the more shallow areas not attractive to larger predators” local Club Ed surf school instructor says.

Your less likely to bump into a shark if you learn to surf in Santa Cruz.