Surf Lessons – Schedule 101?

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Most people think that the best time for surf lessons is mid-day, when it is sunny out.  It’s all those dang surf scenes in movies that set up the expectation, for surf lessons, of taking a dip in the sea on a sweaty, summer afternoon, perfect for cooling off. Unfortunately, my friends, this is hardly ever the case. The simple explanation is this: the wind gusts usually increase with the day’s hours – which tears up the shape of the wave. Also, currents and riptides tend to intensify with wind and changing tides. Most beaches are best for learning to surf mid-tide. Of course, there are some exceptions to this generality. Cowell’s beach, a perfect spot for beginner surf lessons, breaks best at a low tide under 2ft. Anything over 2 ft and the place becomes a lake – unless there is tremendous swell.

Usually, we get calls into our office lines requesting a comfortable time for a surf lesson:

“What time is the best time for a surf lesson tomorrow?” — Surf Lesson Inquirer

“Well, according to the forecast the best conditions will be at sunrise.”  — DEBBIE

“WHAT!! But we’re on vacation!”

“I understand, that, sir.  I totally get it.  We can do it a little later but the wind will pick up and the conditions become more challenging for surf lessons.”

Trust me, if it were up to us, we would all get into the water no earlier than 9 AM when the sun has had time to warm up the day.  As much as our instructors love giving lessons, it’s not comfortable to be in the water for 6 hours, starting at sunrise. However, we’re stoked to give our students the best experience money can buy and sometimes, most of the time this means getting up early.

“It was SOOOOO worth it!” says Christiana S., one of our brave winter surf students, when asking her the pros and cons of being in the water at 7:15 AM two days ago.
“I didn’t want to get up early on a Saturday, my only day off, but so happy that I did. First of all, have you ever seen the beginning of the day from the perspective of the water? It’s breath taking. The Golden hour.”

She goes on to describe the first few paddle attempts into the waves and the benefits of being in the water just after daybreak.
“Wiping out’s not that bad. I don’t know what I imagined but it’s just water! Gentle water. I will say that I’m glad we were out there during this time of year and at sunrise because there were fewer people out. Not only did the idea of NOT running into people calm me but also the fact that there would be less witnesses to my debacle.”

And the most favorite part of the day?

surf lessons with dolphins

surf lessons with dolphins again

“You know, I’ve taken surf lessons five times and it is during the early morning when I see the most wildlife. Taking a wave being surrounded by a school of dolphins or paddling next to a sea lion and sea otter. These things have only taken place in the quiet part of the day. I don’t mind getting up early anymore. I prefer it now.”

dolphins in surf lessons

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