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It’s a hot summer day on the coast of Santa Cruz and you’ve decided to call Club Ed Surf School for surf lessons.  Most folks make the phone call and ask me a long list of the “what do I need” for the surf lessons.  We are always happy to help and speak with folks, of course.  Also, we’d like to make a list of items here – should you feel a little bashful on the approach.



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Two ladies strapping into their sweet wetsuits before a surf lesson.

Excellent question. It is really a personal decision what to wear beneath the wetsuit. Personally, a bikini bottom and top are my go to partners when donning neoprene.  Often times, people feel the wetsuit is too uncomfortable and restricting to wear anything under.  If you feel like going “commando” please be advised that we do our part to keep your experience healthy.  We disinfect and wash our Club Ed surf suits after every beginner surf lesson, private, and semi-private (this is just to state that they are cleansed daily :>).  Whatever your choice, we do recommend showering or rinsing off right after your time in the water.  That salt can really do a number on your skin!


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My own personal checklist.

This is the question I receive the most.  I’ve decided to highlight my personal plan below:

1.  SNACKS– After two hours of surf lessons, I am famished which means soon those around will experience hunger-related wrath, otherwise known as “h-anger.” Be warned, bring snacks.

2.  WATER-  One would think that after being dunked in water during a surf lesson I would have had it with H20. However, the human body loses hydration do to osmosis (I won’t get into the biology at this time :>). Have water available and if you care about the ocean, don’t use plastic bottles! (We have a Texas sized mass of plastic in the middle of our oceans:

3.  CASH-  To tip or not to tip your surf instructor. This is completely up to you. Sometimes instructors get tipped anywhere from 18-20%.  There are those times when instructors go out of their way for their students and it is reflected through gratuity as a sign of “gratitude.”

4.  QUARTERS – For parking! Yes, there are downloadable apps for this. However, when you are running behind schedule for your surf lesson and you don’t want to get a ticket or lose out on your lesson time…have quarters. 🙂

5.  PLASTIC BAGGIE FOR PHONE/CAMERA – Sand is a jerk. Protect your items by keeping them in those good old lunch baggies. Save your cell phone and the sea by choosing biodegradable, reusable sacks!

6. LOTION – This is a shout out for those of you that can’t stand having dry skin or hair. Your surf lesson will suck out your natural oils of the skin and hair. Even after the rinse, be sure to apply.

7.  SUNBLOCK –  I didn’t even have to remind you about this, right?

8.  TOWEL & DRY CLOTHES – Towels are great for drying the body off, per the dictionary definition of a towel. However, they also make great “changing stations.”  It is easy to drop “trou” in the middle of the sand to swap out your bikini bottoms or board shorts after your surf lesson.

If you want some other suggestions for a beach packing list here is one with so many more items: PACK RIGHT FOR YOUR BEACH



surf lessons, surf lesson, surf santa cruz, surfing lessons

use a credit card, cash or check for your surf lessons in Santa Cruz with Club Ed Surf School!

Firstly, we keep your numbers safe. Yes, you may pay in cash or separately from the other folks in your party (we advise all members of your group calling in the day before your surf lesson). Having said that I can explain a little bit about why we ask for this information:

1.  RESERVE YOUR INSTRUCTOR:  We pay our professional instructors hourly, for surf lessons and stand-up paddle lessons. In order to have them accommodate our lessons – we have to guarantee our instructors that their students will be there on time, at the correct location. Once we take your payment information down, the lesson is confirmed on both sides. You are guaranteed a Master surf instructor for your surf lesson and he is guaranteed that there will be students there. No Shows will be charged for the instructors wait time. Mutualistic relationship!

2. KEEPING YOUR PAYMENT INFO SAFE DURING YOUR LESSON:  During a surf lesson, our beach staff does their best to keep an eye on your things. However, we advise to leave all valuable locked in your car when possible. That being said, it’s not a safe scenario to keep cash or credit cards on the beach. May you pay in cash? Absolutely. Get to your lesson early so that you may take care of payment prior to the surf lesson to avoid money being lost or stolen while on the beach! 🙂


If you have more questions regarding your surf lesson beyond what to wear beneath your wetsuit, what to bring or how to pay – please call us at the office. We’re stoked to speak with you and give you the best recommendations for your day.